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Information and communication technologies in education

by admin last modified 2017-11-22 11:08

The very fast evolution of working and learning environments deeply questions school and society. The development of shared digital fluency is presented as a political, social and educational objective. This results in keen institutional demands for a development of the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) by the pupils, the teachers and by all the actors of education.

The need for understanding the complexity of ICT integration for educational purposes gave rise, at the national and international levels, to a very significant development of research interested in the design of computer-based environments and in the inquiry into the usage and the learning.

EducTice team of IFE (French Institute for Education) contributes to advancing this research. For the sake of the actors of education, EducTice's web site aims at being a tool for the dissemination of research results and for the discussion of sharp questions raised by the design and the use of ICT in education.

Since January 1st, EducTice team has been a component of S2HEP team (Science & Society: Historicity, Education, Practices) joining Université Lyon 1 and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.


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