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Talking over the computer

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Ligorio, M.-B. et al., Ed. Scriptaweb, jan. 2009

Pedagogical scenarios to blend computer and face to face interaction
Edited by M. B. Ligorio, J. Andriessen, M. Baker, N. Knoller, L.Tateo 


Introduction: Aims and Content, M. Beatrice Ligorio
Chapter 1 - Collaborative Learning and Problem Solving, Michael Baker & Jerry Andriessen
Chapter 2 - Coordinating, collaborating and blending with technology, Charles Crook
Chapter 3 - Computer support for problem solving discussions in the classroom, Maarten Overdijk & Wouter van Diggelen
Chapter 4 - Pedagogical scenario as a tool to blend face to face and computer learning, Luca Tateo & M. Beatrice Ligorio

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