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Sophie Soury-Lavergne

by Sophie Soury-Lavergne last modified 2021-07-18 12:38

Associate Professor, Mathematic Education and Technologies

EducTice - Institut français de l'Éducation

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
15 parvis René-Descartes, BP 7000,
69342 Lyon cedex 07

Tél. : +33 (0)4 26 73 12 56

Professional path

  • Since 2007, Associate professor, in charge of research at the IFÉ (previously INRP)
  • From 2006 to 2010, head of the DIAM team, LIG Grenoble Informatics Laboratory
  • From 2003 to 2007, Associate professor at the Grenoble IUFM (Teacher Education Institute), in the  ERTe MAGI team
  • From 1999 to 2003, "joung PhD" then ATER at the Grenoble IUFM
  • 1998 PhD in Didactic of Mathematics, Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble France

Research themes

In the field of Technology Enhanced Learning, study of the uses of Dynamic Geometry for the teaching and the learning of mathematics. These Dynamic Geometry environments constitute a rich field to develop mathematic education research. They can be studied as a special case of technologies, whose added value to the teaching and the learning of mathematics has to be identified. They are also representative of learning technologies that enable to study more general questions like the quality of teaching resources and the teachers professional development regarding ICT.


Current projects

  • Program for the Development of the Scientific Culture in the Côte d'Or Department: innovative scientific approachs and practices for the pupils from nursery school to secondary school.
  • Dynamic Mathematics at Primary School: design of resources to teach mathematics with technologies at primary school.
  • A Suitcase Gathering Mathematical Resources for School (3 to 10 year old pupils): a project supported by the French Ministry of Education to enhance access to existing resources, to design new resources and to improve teacher education.
  • Pairform@nce, a research project about the national Pairform@nce program for the in-service teachers education in technologies.

Completed projects

  • Mathematical modelling of variable phenomena, using dynamic geometry, teaching perspective: project supported by the Rhône Alpes regional council, in collaboration with the DIAM team of the LIG laboratory of Grenoble.
  • Intergeo: European Projet of the eContentplus program concerning the sharing of Dynamic Geometry resources to teach mathematics.



  • Soury-Lavergne, S., Jahn, A. P., Trgalová, J. (2011) I2Geo quality asessment process: a tool for teacher professional development? eJMT The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology, Volume 5, Number 3, ISSN 1933-2823.
  • Trgalová, J., Soury-Lavergne, S., Jahn, A. P. (2011) Quality assessment process for dynamic geometry resources in Intergeo project: rationale and experiments. ZDM – The International Journal on Mathematics Education.
  • Gueudet, G., Saby, N., & Soury-Lavergne, S. (2011) Usage des technologies et formation professionnelle des enseignants à l’université. In G. Gueudet, G. Lameul & L. Trouche, Journées scientifiques Pédagogie Universitaire Numérique, Revue Internationale des Technologies en Pédagogie Universitaire, 8 (1-2), 92-100.

Chapters in Books

  • Goos, M., & Soury-Lavergne, S. (2009). Teachers and teaching: theoretical perspectives and classroom implementation. in C. Hoyles, & J.-B. Lagrange (eds), ICMI Study 17, Technology revisited, ICMI Study Series. Springer.

Proceedings of international conferences

  • Soury-Lavergne, S., Jahn, A.P. et Trgalová, J. (2010). Rationale for the Intergeo quality assessment process. In Proceedings of the I2GEO 2010 conference, Hluboká nad Vltavou (Rép. Tchèque), July 2-3 2010.
  • Trgalova, J., Jahn, A.P., Soury-Lavergne, S. (2009). Quality process for dynamic geometry resources: The Intergeo project, in V. Durand-Guerrier, S. Soury-Lavergne et F. Arzarello (eds.), CERME 6 Conference of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, Lyon France.

  • Soury-Lavergne, S. (2008). Deductive reasoning and Instrumental genesis of the drag mode in dynamic geometry TSG 22. ICMI 11 International Congress on Mathematical Education, Monterrey Mexico.

Synthesis / Expertise / Popularization

  • Soury-Lavergne S., G. Gueudet, C. Loisy,  L. Trouche, (2011). Recherche INRP - Pairform@nce. Parcours de formation, de formateurs et de stagiaires : suivi et analyse, Rapport INRP pour la SDTICE du Ministère de l’Education Nationale, novembre 2009.
  • Soury-Lavergne S., (2010). Modélisation mathématique de phénomènes variables, dans l’enseignement, à l’aide de la géométrie dynamique, Projet MIRA, Rapport pour la région Rhône-Alpes, Décembre 2010.
  • Soury-Lavergne  S., 2010, Géométrie : du dessin aux concepts, fenêtres sur cours, novembre 2010, n°3462, pp. 38-39, voir l'interview en ligne.
  • Mercat C., Hasek, R., Pech, P., Recio, T., Soury-Lavergne, S. & Trgalova, J. (2010). Guidelines for external testing, The Intergeo Consortium, Deliverable N°D6.2 Programme eContentplus, February 2010.

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